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for you in more ways than one.

Harry & Charlie offer a variety of services for you to improve your English.

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private classes

Harry and Charlie have been doing private classes online since it all began.

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group classes

Get a social experience with a group of like minded people and a passionate teacher.

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online courses

Harry and Charlie created an online IELTS course together. Charlie has also created an Academy for his podcast listeners.

The Teachers

Passionate ESL Teacher

Harry has been teaching English as a foreign language for five years, both in language academies and via skype. After graduating in Psychology, Harry took a trip to South East Asia where he discovered a passion for teaching and languages.

Harry currently resides in Bedford, UK, where he teaches online and residential English courses

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Harry Gyles


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Charlie has been teaching English learners online for over 5 years now. After reading Psychology and NLP in England he started his teaching journey out in Santiago, Chile to then go on to live in America, Germany and now Australia. Charlie is currently doing online private and group classes for intermediate to advanced English learners.

Charlie Baxter

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One quick way to improve your speaking skills is to learn English idioms that are super common and likely to come up in for example the IELTS speaking exam. We have created a great selection of them and delivered them to you in a free ebook and audiobook. Please enjoy!

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